Lights, camera, action! Now is your chance to show your talent, or just have fun.idea2

These are just some of the fun things we would like to do. We need those interested that play musical instruments, sing, dance, (or would like to learn), cheerleading (could be amusing), perhaps clowning, or modeling (modeling you say? Hmmmm… have some ideas that could be entertaining). How about skits, or writing skits, doing commercials; (Oh! Do some ideas come to mind). We also need those behind the scenes. Lindas that can encourage lots but don’t wish to be in the limelight.

Also on our list are photographers. You know those that don’t have to be professional, but know how to use a digital or a disposable camera and are good at getting pictures developed less than two years, and don’t lose cameras!

Love scrapbooking? Might like to help out in this.

Is your telephone your best friend? You could be right in your comfort zone on this one. Good at spelling? And typing? Graphics? Know enough about computers to know that the mouse doesn’t eat cheese? Are you good at writing?idea1

How about a Gopher person…someone willing to run errands or help wherever needed. How about someone good with public relations?

We also need an official Birthday Linda Person.

If you are a member or plan on becoming one and would like to volunteer please use the contact form to let us know you’re available.